Wednesday, October 9, 2013

All teens want to earn money(thats a great thing!!!)

I want to hurry up and turn 14yrs old. I heard that 14yr olds can get a job. Well trust me, I want this because I want to be able to earn my own money. I'm in no rush to be an adult, I just want to get a job nice and early. OK, that's not the point though. I'm writing, well, typing this to say that I know that there are other teenagers that want a job and that they have been waiting for the day that they are able to get one. Well, everyone wants to work towards getting their own money someday. Who doesn't?
I believe in all of the teenagers  that are out there. Let's go out there and kick butt...I mean, get paid, he he!!! I'm looking forward to getting a job aren't you, I bet you are. Have fun everybody, and look forward to this:

Hey, maybe one day you can own your own business.